Lake City Lights Florida Retreat

St Augustine, Fl

Feb 2023

Lake City Lights Songwriter Retreat MI

Lake City Lights Songwriter Retreat MI

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Glory only to God through telling this story. "Make Jesus Famous"


Thank you so so much for visiting my page! Thank you for taking this journey with me! Some new music of a variety of Christian genres is coming!  This is all to the Glory of God. I only hope to tell His story and my testimony and follow His leading.   


Coming this year! This month,  An EP of "Witness" songs was recorded in Nashville- several vertical worship lyrics with a witnessing theme for unsaved.. This project is recorded and is waiting on funds for finished production and release  as well as some worship songs below. Thank you for your prayers and support if God leads you. We are praying fervently for the release of several of these songs this year. You can donate at the top of this website by pushing the $ sign. This project is waiting on support! Some topics dealt with in the songs are..How does God view Depression? Am I a Christian because my parents are? What is God's love like? How do I stop feeling empty? What happens when I find the way, the truth and the life? .#thewitnessproject

The Newest Releases Coming are several Collaborations- a song with artist and children's pastor Scott DeClaire "Qualified by the Call"  that we wrote at the first Lake City Lights Retreat!..  thanks for giving my instagram AND Spotify a follow for more updates. and scottdeclaire

Scott also plans to release another single we wrote April 14th!!- a CCM song called "Wreckage"about God finding us in our need as well as another one.

A worship song written by Jonathan Curtis Turner and myself "Worship in the Waves"  which is almost done mixing as a co-release with Natalie Barbier 

Cornel Grace will be releasing a worship song "City on a Hill" and asked to co-release it so be on the lookout soon for that(2 different versions-one for corporate worship).  Find him, follow, and  listen to his other releases streaming!

Josh Clay find josh at joshclaymusic on instagram and his other music streaming on platforms. Josh's song "Fall for You" we wrote together will be released May 12th, 2023 !YAY!

Katelyn Doyle will be releasing a co-write this year recently written about God's purpose through pain.

Steph Andrews (worship leader and indie pop artist) is releasing a project called "Dare to Behold".. so honored to have several of our co-writes with Nashville writer Jonathan Jackson as part of that project. She is fund-raising as well.

Julia Schmidt plans to release a duet this summer she recorded with the talented Zach Maurer end of this May 2023!!( also a music video in June 2023!) - the song was cowritten by the three of us on the subject of their testimonies.

Ryan Chew had his LIVE recording this summer with his choir  and "Bread of Life"is on all streaming platforms including a powerful LIVE video on YouTube !  He also plans to release another co-write this year that's a special one too!

 see clips of Bread of Life on his instagram but be sure to check out the YouTube video!

The picture above are artists the Lord has brought to record and sing our songs we wrote together. Not pictured is Scott DeClaire(pictured in the retreat photos) 

NEW NEWS! LAKE CITY LIGHTS SONGWRITERS RETREAT was an amazing blessed time IN SOUTH MICHIGAN! All of the prayers God answered a resounding yes.. I prayed for a sweet spirit, a family atmosphere, bonded hearts, some amazing songs, artists who are recording the songs, and a Tim2:2 group with older and younger. We had three pastors, several worship leaders, and some older teens!

 Florida Retreat on February 9-12th, 2023 was the most blessed time and I just break into tears talking about all God did! I can't even begin to say what God did.. you had to be there.. but he worked, he healed , he moved and some beautiful songs were born that are being recorded by artists there. 

Michigan Songwriters RETREAT REGISTRATION is AT get ready to write and meet your #fastfamily

For now you can check out.."Bread of Life" below which is now on all streaming platforms (iTunes, Spotify, youtubemusic, etc)

and a cut by the talented Ellie Hope co-written by Ellie Hope, Cristaña Carlton and myself in and released in 2020 find Ellie on Spotify, Apple and other streaming platforms and

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Watch the MUSIC VIDEO of  "Fight for You" here..

Did you know.. Lake City Lights is now non-profit status and needs to raise funds to stay that way? Thank you for fervently praying with us to reach those in music ministry with this ministry. We need your prayers and support to continue. Join their email list as well at link in above paragraph.


Behind the Lyrics of "Fight for You" 

"Fight for You" is based on the Bible verse Exodus 14:14. "The LORD will fight for you, you need only be still".  Several years ago, I was walking through a difficult season, overwhelmed, and fighting depression. I felt like no one was fighting for us. I felt alone in our struggles and like nothing was ever going to change. Then I was reading one day in Exodus chapter 14, and verse 14 jumped off the pages like it never had before.. just as God had been fighting for the Israelites, He was fighting for me!  I was again reminded that all I needed to do was 'be still' in my heart before my Father and Defender who held every tear I cried. That moment began the seed in my heart which over time grew into the song "Fight for You" written in 2017 and early 2018.  The lyrics also include the theme one of my favorite verses Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." 

Why is this song so special to me?  I have personally seen God fight for me so many times. The 'God stories' in my life of His Sovereign hand, His providence, His provision, and His healing are reminders of the fact that He is always fighting for me. I finished "Fight for You" in January of 2018 and began to finally obey God as a full time songwriter in the fall of 2019. Having committed to attend a songwriting conference in Nashville in 2020, doubt set in when I suddenly lost my job as a piano teacher during the pandemic.  Despite my husband's support, I struggled about attending the conference due to finances and the world in chaos. Attendees of the conference needed to bring 2 complete songs to share and purchase their flight tickets and conference fees. 'I don't want to go ahead of God' I thought. I threw myself on the bed in complete desperation asking God again for wisdom I prayed.."Lord, if I even went to the conference.. what song would I bring?" Immediately, my phone lying next to me dinged with the verse of the day... and it was Exodus 14:14. That was my song I'd written!  "Ok Lord I'm going!" I cried out. The word "obedience" which is what motivates me to continue what God told me to do in songwriting while still in France. I have not always obeyed God right away and I've seen the consequences.

"Fight for You" was written from a first person point of view, as if God your Defender is speaking the words to your soul directly from His lips.  As the world attacks the faith of Christians, as disunity rises, as trials come,... I pray this song will bring comfort and encouragement that God is fighting for you. Moses spoke the words of Exodus 14:14 to the Israelites as they ran (for their lives) from the Egyptian armies before God parted the Red Sea.  I believe He wants us to know and remember that..He fights for us and He will fight for us. He is doing miracles and He is about to do more for His Glory!(Exodus 18:14). 



To book Joy to share in song and testimony for a church event, woman's ministry, teen event, or "Lake City Lights retreat or 1 day songwriting event .. contact LakeCityLightsLLC through . Lake City Lights also has a mentorship program open and has been mentoring songwriters. email for details!